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Step-by-step for custom Zazulê


1 – Choose an image that is special to you!

It could be a picture of your family, your pets, right from your company.. You know it!

2 – Choose the size of your tile!

IMPORTANT: If your photo is rectangular, for example, it is best to choose a rectangular tile, because parts of the image would be lost on a square tile.
We also recommend that the image is of good quality, so that the print is beautiful. . A valid tip is to try to use photos that have come straight from your camera or mobile phone, because images saved from social networks often lose quality.

3 – Choose your accessories.

In addition to the tile, we also offer different accessories, so you have some options to use the object. Have:
- Supports - Keeps the tile standing on any surface;
- Double-sided tape 3m - To glue on the wall;
- Frame - So that your tile hangs;

4 – Complete your purchase.

Once you choose the number of tiles you want to buy and all the accessories, complete your purchase.

5  Wait for confirmation and receive your personalized Zazulê!

Now just wait for the shipping deadline to receive your tile so you can show the world your custom Zazulê!


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